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The following summary of contractual conditions is not binding and it does not represent the Rental Contract itself. In any case, you are obliged to read full conditions in the original Contract.



By signing the Rental Contract, you agree with renting a vehicle from Požičaj a vráť and with your liability for the vehicle and for other items rented in accordance with the the same Contract until they are returned to a representative of Požičaj a vráť and inspected by Požičaj a vráť. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle in the same condition as when it was provided to you.



You shall be liable for any damage - based on a proved technical failure of the vehicle - to the rented vehicle which was not identified at the beginning of the Contract. You shall be liable for any costs of repair of the damage. The amount you will be liable for shall be limited to the participation agreed upon in the Contract.


Returning the vehicle after the opening hours

If you decide to return the vehicle after the opening hours, you shall still be liable for it until it is inspected by the rental company. It is our recommendation to check the vehicle carefully and take photographs. If possible, you should park the vehicle at a safe place where it is allowed to park. You are recommended to always make sure that the vehicle has been inspected by a representative of Požičaj a vráť and thus to ensure agreement of both parties with the condition of the vehicle.


Road traffic offences

You shall be liable for all road traffic offences, including parking and speeding offences, at the time when the vehicle is in your possession. In addition to a fine, an administrative fee may be charged to you.

The form of dealing with and charging for road traffic offences depends on the type of the fee and on the country where the offence occurred. At the same time, you shall also be liable for settling any tolls payable for using toll road sections.


Fuel options

You shall be offered several options with regard to the amount of fuel which will have to remain in the vehicle upon its return. They shall be explained to you at the start of your rent. You should return the vehicle with the agreed amount of fuel and make sure that the correct type of fuel has been filled. Otherwise other costs shall be charged to you.


Other drivers

The vehicle may be driven only by the driver/s specified in the Rental Contract. You shall make sure that the vehicle is not driven by any other person.



Unless the rental company has approved otherwise, you shall return the vehicle at the agreed time and place. Otherwise additional fees shall be charged to you, as stipulated in the contractual conditions.


Rental Contract

Please make sure you understand the contractual conditions. If any aspect of the Contract is not clear to you, you should ask the rental company for clarification.


The European Consumer Guide to Car Rental

Other information regarding the rental process may be found in the European Consumer Guide to Car Rental.



For other information regarding the rental process, including the complaint filing process applied in the case your are not fully satisfied, please refer to the European Consumer Guide to Car Rental.