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Minimum driver´s age and the driving license

age of 21 for groups P, A, B

age of 23 for groups C, D, E, F, I,J,M,NO

age of 25 for groups G,H,K,L

If the required age is not reached for a particular category, the Lessee may ask for an exception for a special fee.



Booking may be confirmed only for a vehicle group.


Payment terms

Visa. A special fee shall apply to any cash payments. A deposit is blocked on a card for each vehicle rent. The amount of the deposit differs and it depends on the vehicle category. Please contact us for more details.


Prices and charges

Daily rate shall be understood as 24 hours after the rent. Another daily rate shall be charged if the rent period has been exceeded by more than 59 minutes. Weekend rate shall start on Friday at 8:00 and finish on Monday at 8:00 and the vehicle shall be returned at the place where it was rented and picked up. The weekend rate may only be combined with a rate which contains a limited number of kilometres. Prices include the compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance for any damage caused by operation of the motor vehicle up to EUR 5 million, oil and other fillings, but they do not include fuel.



Požičaj a vráť lets its vehicles with full tanks. A fee shall be charged for any fuel missing at the moment of returning the vehicle. Such fee also includes company´s handling costs of refuelling. Based on the valid contractual conditions, a failure to return documents related to the vehicle (loss, omission) within 24 hours shall be charged by a fine amounting to EUR 166. Based on the valid contractual conditions, a failure to return keys to the vehicle (loss, omission) within 24 hours shall be charged by a fine amounting to EUR 360. Based on the valid contractual conditions, a failure to return all obligatory equipment shall be charged by a fine amounting to EUR 60.


Airport fee

An airport fee of 10% of the rent price shall be charged for any rent starting at the airport.


Winter maintenance

A fee for winter maintenance (winter tyres) shall be charged in the winter season (1 October - 31 March). All the above-stated fees and fines are contained in the price list.


Services provided after opening hours

Our services may be provided after the opening hours of a branch for a special fee


Other drivers

Other drivers of the vehicle shall be reported to Požičaj a vráť. A one-off fee shall be charged.



Snow chains, child car seats or GPS equipment are available on request and for a special fee.


Bringing / picking up vehicles

Vehicles may be brought and picked up anywhere in the Slovak Republic on request. Prices are included in the price list.


One-way journeys


Journeys abroad

It is prohibited to enter the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia states (except for Croatia), Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Only vehicles of the following groups may enter Hungary and Poland: P, A, B, C1, C2, C3, C4.



Accident insurance / CDW, TP/. Personal accident insurance (PAI) may be taken out at a relevant insurance company for a special fee. Požičaj a vráť offers a plan of partial coverage of damage caused by any damages, loss or theft of a vehicle. In the case of consumption of drugs, alcohol and other narcotic drugs, the client shall be fully liable for any damage to the vehicle even if he has paid insurance fees. Any payment cuts of the insurance company resulting from damage to the vehicle shall be automatically transferred onto the Lessee. If the Lessee has left documents related to the vehicle, keys or other important documents in the vehicle, he shall be fully liable for their loss towards the Lessor.



The customer shall be liable for all fees related to operation of the vehicle during the rent period (fees for any road traffic offences, parking fees, tolls payable for toll road sections).


Rent period / territorial validity

The Lessee shall report any extension of the rent at least 24 hours prior to the agreed rent termination. Such extension shall be carried out personally at a branch of the Lessor and the Lessee shall receive a written approval of such extension and he shall pay a full rent to the Lessor for such extension. Any non-extension in the above-stated period shall be considered as an unauthorized use of other person´s vehicle with all consequences.


Additional conditions for M and N groups of vehicles

Vehlicle overload

Vehicles in the M and N categories are N1 vehicles, i.e. their total mass shall not exceed 3,000 kg in the M category, i.e. the cargo weight shall not exceed 1,080 kg. The permitted weight in the N category is 3,500 kg, i.e. the cargo weight shall not exceed 1,365 kg. If a vehicle is overloaded, the client has violated the conditions of Požčaj a vráť and he shall pay a contractual fine amounting to EUR 3,000 plus compensation of damage. .


Other information

Požčaj a vráť shall not be liable for client´s property and for any objects left in the car. Požčaj a vráť reserves the right to change the rent conditions.


Important note

Business entities may deduct VAT payable for the rent. Požčaj a vráť reserves to right to changes.